Overview of Yokohama Association for Promotion of Gender Equality (public interest incorporated foundation) Business Activities


Provides information that contributes to the formation of a gender equal society
・Collection and loaning of books, magazines, small circulation newsletters, audio-visual materials, etc.
・Exhibition of materials by theme, and distributing materials lists
・Providing information on women and work corner
・Set loaning of books

Raising awareness of PR activities

Performs PR activities via a wide range of media outlets in order to raise understanding and awareness of gender equality
・Publishing the "Forum Report" information magazine
・Distribution of information through the main website, theme-based websites (women entrepreneurs, young unemployed women, women and work, etc.), email magazines, and SNS

Research studies/Business development

Accurately interprets changes in the socioeconomic climate through research, and develops businesses according to a diverse range of needs and circumstances

Dispatching of instructors

Dispatches employees to perform training workshops at a variety of public and private bodies, companies, schools, government institutions, etc.
[Recent implementation themes]
Gender equality, womens' rights, harassment, disaster prevention from womens' perspectives, domestic violence (DV), dating violence, etc.

Counseling & Consultaion

Assists clients to aid in problem resolution through counseling
・Providing telephone counseling and face-to-face counseling 
・Accept allegations concerning gender-based discrimination, etc.
・Yokohama City DV Consultation Support Center (partial function)
・Consultation of female-led business startup preparations, website and blog consultations
・Around 40 "self help groups" dealing with physical, mental, lifestyle, and other concerns


Runs various lectures and seminars leading to a resolution of issues
・Support for women in the work force (re-employment/re-education lectures, lectures supporting women in the workplace, female leadership development lectures, support seminars for young unemployed women and single parents for finding employment, business startup seminars)
・Work/life balance support (nursery care seminars for persons returning to work after childcare leave, child rearing areas for fathers and their children)
・Physical and mental self-care (exercise classes for health development over the course of womens' lives, health seminars for women)
・Violence prevention and support for victims of violence (self-defense classes for women, legal classes concerning husband and wife relations and divorce, mental care classes for women)
・Lifestyle and representation support (communication classes, showing of film works by female directors)
・Disaster-prevention activities considering the perspective of women (through outreach activities)

Josei to Shigoto Ouen Desk (Support Desk for Women in the Work Force)

A free consultation service window supporting those that want to work (three centers)
・Provision of support information concerning re-employment, job changes, starting businesses, etc.
・Advice on how to look for work, how to write a resume, interview strategies
・Help in reviewing one's career and in setting a career plan for the future
・Consultation on troubles and worries concerning work
・Searching for information on job offers in job-placement online

Cooperation and collaboration

Working together with a wide range of collaborators, including NPOs and citizen groups, companies, schools, medical institutions, and government bodies
・Collaborations with NPOs and citizen groups (public recruitment-type gender equality programs *partial provision of financial aid)
・Autumn festival involving all three Yokohama Gender Equality Center sites
・Operation of childrens' rooms (temporary nursing care)/parent and child spaces

Collaboration with the local community/companies

・Accepting facility tours, practical learning experiences
・Stamp rallies
・Cooperating on events held by residents' associations and store associations
・Arranging experience-based social participation programs for "young unemployed women" with NPOs and companies
・Used book donation collection

Facility management and administration

Providing local residents with activity spaces
・Management and administration of halls, conference rooms, seminar rooms, music rooms, lifestyle workshops, fitness rooms, exchange lounges, etc.

About the Yokohama Association for Promotion of Gender Equality  (Public interest incorporated foundation) 
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